The “Multifunction Point Application Solution” from Microprogram can help with applications such as sign-in for corporate meetings, crowd control for activities and reward points, reducing the burden and cost for manual paperwork operations effectively. Users can choose to use card-sensing or display QR Code for scanning to receive points or complete sign-in, and then the “platform management system” will conduct statistical operations so that administrators can query and generate report records to further analyze or formulate suitable solutions as reference for future decision-making.

The “Multifunction Point Machine” is compact and convenient to carry; sensing can be done at any time and place. Not only will this speed up the time for on-site operations, it also eliminates the trouble of inputting and uploading data; combined with the development trend of digitalization, it improves the efficiency and convenience for work significantly.

Problems we solve

  • Sign-in error or unrecognizable handwriting of personnel on paper
  • Difficulty for accurate control of personnel entry
  • Costs for manual operations of paper-based points are high and not environmentally friendly
  • Point status cannot be grasped in real-time
  • Power supply of device is restricted by the site

Key advantages

  • Adopts 4G transmission with plug-and-play power
  • USB Type-C is adopted for power supply, and power can be supplied by portable power banks without being restricted by the usage site
  • Supports both card-sensing and QR Code scanning simultaneously with diverse application scenarios
  • Over 25 years of rich experience in the integration of software/hardware technologies

Be our partners

  • Enterprises
  • Schools
  • Event organizers that require control of personnel access
Be our partners
Multifunction Point Application Solution
Multifunction Point Application Solution
Multifunction Point Application Solution
Multifunction Point Application Solution


  • Exhibition control: access of large/small scale exhibitions, crowd control
  • Point activities: general reward points, consumer reward points
  • Personnel sign-in: education training, seminar sign-in
  • Member management: gym, reading room

Key features

Hardware design that meets user demands

  • The compact size is easy to carry, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Equipped with OLED Chinese/English display and touch buttons for easy operation
  • Diverse sensing methods: Mifare card (general card, ticket card), QR Code scanning

Multifunction point machine platform management system

  • Allows setting of activity unit, activity item, administrator list and user list
  • User data can be imported directly through API to reduce operation time
  • HTTPS encrypted secure transmission is used throughout the entire data sensing process
  • The system allows setting for a maximum of 1000 activity items, 1000 administrators, 5000 users and the saving of 2000 data entries

Different sensing modes can be switched based on administrator needs

  • Management mode (after the administrator sensed his/her card, users can sense their cards afterwards)
  • Activity mode (administrators can switch between multiple activity items for users to sense their cards)
  • Single mode (administrators can lock on to a specific activity item for users to sense their cards)


Service Architecture

Service Architecture