Traditional bikes can be repaired manually. On the other hand, electric bikes have refined batteries and control systems, which is harder to determine the fault location by observation. We developed an "inspection service as good as the one for cars". It includes a system detection tool and Bluetooth transmission module. It helps technicians of electric bike stores quickly and accurately solve problems for bikers. Our system records the inspection result and customer data completely for repair history search and model optimization or the reference for the system to determine the quality of the use of parts and accessories.


Problems we solve

  • Complicated process and long work hours for manual inspection.
  • Only specific staffs with a certain level of professional knowledge and experience are able to inspect problems.
  • Inaccuracy and omission of manual judgment.

Key advantages

  • Our solution diagnoses the E-Bike system automatically via Bluetooth (including electric motor components such as the battery, motor and controller).
  • The system generates the diagnosis report automatically to check the system status and problem clearly.
  • The system generates a corresponding tutorial for troubleshooting after diagnosis. It automatically detects whether problems have been fixed during troubleshooting.
  • Our system builds a wireless connection with E-Bike via the computer software and Bluetooth, removes the region restriction and provides the inspection service automatically.

Be our partners

  • E-Bike brands
  • E-Bike system suppliers


  • Bike stores
  • Repair service centers
  • Customer service centers

Key features

  • Error diagnosis for electrical control components
    • HMI
    • Controller: Button signal, monitor display and communication
    • Driver
    • Sensor
    • Motor: Speed, torque, cadence, booster, communication and light signal
    • Battery
    • Other electrical control components
  • Users can make a wireless connection with E-Bike via Bluetooth to avoid the problem with the limitation of wired connection
  • USB dongle for PC Bluetooth connection
  • Cycling data analysis and judgment
    • HMI data
    • Driver data
    • Battery data
    • Mode usage ratio
  • The administrator can manage the customer data and check the repair and maintenance records
  • Version upgrade for electrical control components
    • Firmware update for Bluetooth version
    • Firmware update for HMI version
    • Firmware update for driver version
  • Quick system confirmation after repair
    • Generation of diagnosis detail report
    • Illustration and text instructions for corresponding troubleshooting steps

Service Architecture