The smart parking sensor can be installed easily and has relatively low maintenance cost. It connects to the cloud backstage system to provide the most instant, effective parking management for all vehicles and regions. It helps daily management and long-term planning. It makes parking easier and faster. The smart parking sensor has data from application backstage platform and carries out effective deployment and charging for the parking space. Therefore, we can effectively reduce management costs for parking lot owners.

Problems we solve

  • Spend much time on parking.
  • Air pollution and gas consumption.
  • The HR management cost. Managers need to hire patrols to issue parking bills.
  • Difficult downtown parking causes traffic congestion.
  • Drivers lost the parking bill and cannot pay for the bill or forgot about the bill.

Key advantages

  • Help drivers find parking spaces easily.
  • Reduce Air and gasolin pollution.
  • Cost effective.
  • Reduce traffic congestion to prevent traffic accident.
  • Optimized parking space occupancy and increase business revenue.
  • Help drivers avoid delayed the payment of parking fines.

Be our partners

  • Outdoor parking lot owners
  • Government authorities
  • College campus
  • Roadside parking spaces of gyms and convention centers


  • Roadside parking spaces
  • Roadside parking spaces of college campus
  • Parking lots in specific areas

Key features

Smart Parking Sensor

  • Low cost
  • Easy installation
  • High accuracy

Remote Backstage Control System

  • Parking space search and notice
  • Power advise for battery
  • Access management
  • Parking turnover management

Service Architecture