The gap between bike industries is closed significantly thanks to the progress in manufacturing technology and material science. Bike companies has been focusing on production and R&D. Sales channels and bike owners have no way to interact with each other directly. Microprogram has core professional abilities in software-hardware integration and years of industry know-how in the bicycle field. We implement our technological services and create an online biking service that involves direct user interaction. We analyze data on riding, consumption and behavior and connect to the data from sales channels. We help corporations use quantitative data and precisely plan for market strategies and satisfying user services. We help your corporation enter the IoT field quickly and achieve digital transformation perfectly via three critical themes of IoT development, which are cloud service (app), big data and IoT devices.


Problems we solve

  • Bike delivery is complicated and time-consuming. We want to reduce labor and time cost.
  • Member data is scattered in service spots. It is difficult to read the data and the operation becomes more complicated.
  • It's easy to lose the product warranty in hard copy.
  • We must reinforce the connection and interaction with the owner to create the advantage in service.
  • We expect to use user behavior analysis and quantitative big data to help corporations with decision making.

Key advantages

  • We use the IoT technology to connect the owner, bike, store and cloud service to connect the entire bike ecosystem.
  • We create the CRM Biker Big Data Management Platform and introduce big data analysis to help corporations with precise business decision making and customer service.
  • We provide a smart, diverse biking service for owners. The app can customize functions based on user preference, such as cycling tracking and search of nearby stores.
  • We provide the electronic warranty card and the corporation can save lots of printing cost. Owners can visit any store for the repair warranty service anytime.

Be our partners

  • Bike brands
  • Companies for bike parts and accessories
  • Electric bike companies
  • Electric bike system companies


  • Purchase: Purchase at the store, digital delivery, sales ranking and electronic warranty card.
  • Biking: Cycling record app, device connection, personal tracking and status sharing.
  • Repair: Repair and maintenance, repair reminder, record search and after-sale service.
  • Sales: Sales analysis, search of consumption preference, and promotion broadcasting.
  • Market: Market expansion, business decision making, big data analysis, and optimization and upgrade.
  • Brand: Keeping track of comprehensive information and enhancing user satisfaction.

Key features

  • Integration of information on the biker owner, bike and store: Our solution combines member services from various channels. We integrate the member's app, website and store account for faster lookup.
  • Personal bike service: Our solution connects the bike data to the owner and provides the electronic warranty card and maintenance reminder to create a comprehensive after-sales service.
  • Platform for sharing status on the social media: Cycling app provides a photo function for users to record the life status anytime and share it with friends. It creates an all-new interactive platform for owners.
  • Smart bike accessories: Accessories can connect and pair via Bluetooth and ANT+ with mobile devices or other smart devices to collect and record personal cycling data. Therefore, we can create more services including personalized functions.
  • Smart bike app: This app contains the cycling data display and record module, route navigation module, event registration module, owner social media interaction module......etc. This provides the most direct, interactive app cloud service for brands and consumers.
  • Cycling social media interaction website: Before and after cycling, users can also check their friends' or their own cycling records by checking the mobile app or logging into the website from PC. The seamless connection achieves the perfect cross-platform experience.
  • Big data smart cloud platform: This collects the consumption record, cycling data and user behavior of the bike owner. It quantizes data via user grouping and big data analysis for corporations to use the data as the benchmark for precision marketing, strategy planning, decision-making and judgment. This platform offers the most exact services for customers and increases corporate management.

Service Architecture